Annual Conferences

Every year, Zaxby’s franchisees travel from all across the country to attend our annual Conference. By meeting in-person at a world-class resort, we give ourselves the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and network together in a refreshing environment. Over the years, it has become a favorite source of support, encouragement, and renewal for the entire Zaxby’s family. Whether it’s meeting with vendors to optimize supply chain, or trading best-practices for managing labor gap, the annual conference is designed from the ground up to help our franchisees grow their local businesses. It’s the meeting for meeting your goals.

Ideal Franchisees Profiles

We’re looking for the next generation of Zaxby’s franchisees. And frankly, that’s not going to be easy. On one hand, we need to broaden our base more than ever. Because we’ll be opening more stores in our next ten years than we opened in our first twenty. But on the other hand, we need to narrow our standards more than ever. Because the bigger we get, the harder we’ll be working to preserve the unique culture that makes us Zaxby’s. So we’re looking for a very special kind of franchisees — someone who’s ready to embrace the mission of enriching peoples’ lives by creating the kind of dining experiences that demand an encore. It’s that simple. The best things in life always are.

Zaxby’s Advisory Council 

Everyone at Zaxby’s operates by the simple belief that we exist to support our franchisees. That’s why we took the initiative to create the Zaxby’s Advisory Council. It’s typical of the unique culture we enjoy at Zaxby’s. Made up of franchisees representing every region in the chain, the Zaxby’s Advisory Council is the mouthpiece of the franchisee community, helping to keep the interests of franchisees front and center. The council meets regularly to solicit feedback on the business factors that matter to franchisees and to work with us at ZFL to help them build a great brand in their communities. When they succeed, we all succeed. We also created regional forums with franchisees in their own districts. And they responded with some of the best ideas in our system.

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